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  • Fred Sokolow Jazz Quartet CD, GFS Records, 2001 (guitar, vocals)
  • Fred Sokolow Jazz Quartet DVD, AIX Entertainment, 2003 (guitar, vocals)
  • Fred Sokolow Plays and Sings Fats Waller CD, GFS Records, 2008 (guitar, vocals, 12-string banjo)
  • Geoff Muldaur, Private Astronomy, a Vision of the Music of Bix Beiderbecke CD, Edge Records, 2003 (guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Happy Days are Here Again CD, Audiophile, 1989 (banjo, Dobro, guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Let the Rest of the World Go By CD, ITW Industries, 1991 (Dobro, guitar, mandolin)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Lotus Land CD, ITW Industries, 1992 (banjo, guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Ragtime America CD, ITW Industries, 1992, (guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Spread a Little Happiness CD, ITW Industries, 1993 (banjo, Dobro, guitar, mandolin)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Golden Age of Lounge CD, Varese Sarabande, 1997 (guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Titanic: Music as Heard on the Fateful Voyage CD, Rhino, 1997 (guitar, banjo, mandolin)
  • Various Artists, Legends of Ukulele CD, Rhino, 1998 (Dobro, guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Titanic Tunes: Sing-along in Steerage CD, Varese, 1998 (banjo, guitar, mandolin)
  • Various Artists, The Finer Things (songs of Jim Beloff and Herb Ohta) CD, FMM 2004 (vocal, baritone uke)
  • Bill Tapia, Duke of Uke CD, Moonroom Records, 2005 (Dobro) Ian Whitcomb, Old Friends CD, ITW Industries, 2009 (Dobro, guitar, mandolin)
  • Ian Whitcomb, Tango Dreams CD, ITW Industries, 2009 (Dobro, guitar)
  • Various Uke Artists, Square Pegs and Round Holes, 2009 (ukeulele, Dobro, guitar, bass)


  • Jody Stecher, Snake Baked a Hoecake LP, Bay Records, 1974 (banjo, guitar, vocals)
  • Jody Stecher, Going Up on the Mountain LP, Bay Records, 1977 (banjo, dobro, lap steel, guitar, vocals)
  • Fred Sokolow, Bluegrass Banjo Inventions LP, Kicking Mule Records, 1977 (banjo, guitar, Dobro, mandolin, vocals)
  • Jim Silvers, You Gotta Let All the girls know You're a Cowboy LP, CMH 1978 (banjo, Dobro, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin)
  • Jody Stecher & Krishna Bhatt, Rasa LP, Ceirnini Records 1980 (banjo, mandolin, vocals)
  • Fred Sokolow, Ragtime Banjo Bluegrass LP, Kicking Mule Records 1981 (banjo, guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass)
  • Jim Silvers, Music Makin’ Mama From Memphis CD, Bear Family Records 1991 (banjo, Dobro, mandolin, electric guitar)
  • Various Artists, Bluegrass Masters CD, Vanguard 1996 (liner notes)
  • Maybelle Carter, Wildwood Pickin CD, Vanguard 1997 (liner notes)
  • Various Artists, 100% Handmade Music CD, Vol.5, Acoustic Disc 2000 (guitar)
  • Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin, Going Up On the Mountain CD, Acoustic Disc 2000 (banjo, Dobro, guitar, vocals)
  • Various Artists, Handmade Music CD, Acoustic Disc 2004 (banjo) Border Radio, Golden State CD, 2005 (banjo)
  • Goin’ South Band, Home In My Heart CD, California Swampland 2007 (Dobro, Guitar, vocals, slide guitar, banjo)
  • Various Artists, Public Enemies Score CD, Decca 2009 (music consultant)


  • Notes From the Underground LP (later a CD), Vanguard 1968 (electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, tambourine, vocals)
  • Prince Bakaradi LP (later a CD), Appaloosa Records 1981 (electric guitar, vocals)
  • Various Artists, Berkeley Eps, Big Beat 1995 (electric guitar, banjo, vocals)
  • Trevor McShane, First Love Last Love CD, East of Sideways Music 2001 (banjo, Dobro, ukulele, slide guitar, electric guitar)
  • Trevor McShane, Dizzy CD, East of Sideways Music 2006 (acoustic and electric guitars)
  • John Sokoloff/Paul Golubovs, String Theory CD, Firefox Premiere Records 2006 (mandolin, acoustic guitar)
  • Various Artists, Love is the Song We Sing, San Francisco Nuggets CD, Rhino 2007 (electric guitar, vocals)

Children's Music

  • Red Grammar, Can You Sound Just Like Me? CD, BMG 1987 (banjo, Dobro, guitar, mandolin, autoharp)
  • Dan Crow, Oops! CD, Rounder 1988 (banjo, Dobro, mandolin, arranger, autoharp, electric guitar, 12-sring guitar, banjolin, vocals)
  • Dan Crow, A Friend, A Laugh, A Walk in the Woods CD, Rounder 1992 (banjo, mandolin, Dobro)
  • Dan Crow, Oops! Live CD, Sony 1992 (banjo, mandolin, Dobro, electric guitar)
  • Dan Crow, Santa Songs CD, Sony 1995 (banjo, Dobro, mandolin)
  • Greg & Steve, Playing Favorites CD, Young Heart Music 1992 (banjo)
  • Greg & Steve, Rocking down the Road CD, Young Heart Music 1995 (banjo)
  • Various Artists, Chanukah at Home CD, Rounder 1997 (banjo, guitar, vocals, 12-string guitar, mandolin)
  • Greg & Steve, We All Live Together CD, Young Heart Music 2000 (banjo)
  • Various Artists, Rounder Kids CD, Rounder 2002 (Dobro)

Movie Soundtracks

  • Ian Whitcomb, the Cat’s Meow (movie soundtrack) CD and DVD, RCA 2000 (banjo, guitar, lap steel)
  • Ian Whitcomb, The Last Call DVDShowtime 2003 (guitar)
  • Ian Whitcomb and Fred Sokolow, Stanley’s Gig DVD 2005 (electric and acoustic guitar) Fred appears in this movie, playing himself, leading a jazz quartet.

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